The pre-school room

The room has three main focus areas – literacy, numeracy and health & wellbeing- which enable the children to have access to a wide range of resources such as a computer, smart board, craft, role play, messy play and quiet areas. The room also has separate child size toilets and direct access to the main outdoor area.

The Pre-School Room offers:  

  • Learning opportunities inside and outside through planned and child initiated play.
  • Encouragement to make their own choices and access their own resources.
  • Opportunities to develop their own independence – for example pouring their own drinks.
  • Encouragement to recognise their name and other familiar names through play.
  • Plenty of mark making opportunities setting the foundations for writing.
  • Ongoing engagement through interesting topics so the children learn to sit and listen in preparation for school.
  • Daily coverage of the early level outcomes of the curriculum for excellence.
  • A named key worker whom monitors your child’s development.
  • A online update of your child development and learning.